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DREAMers protest inside Brewer’s office after driver’s license ruling


Activists got inside Jan Brewer’s office.


Arizona DREAMers flooded into Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s office after she ruled that undocumented youth granted deferred action could not apply for driver’s licenses.

Inside Brewer’s office dropping off studies that show the majority of Arizona’s support the DREAMers,” Dulce Matuz, chair of the Arizona DREAM Act coalition, wrote on Facebook.

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Today is the first day that eligible DREAMers around the country can fill out paperwork that would permit them to work and drive without fear of deportation. For DREAMers, this is life-changing. See what some of them have to say about what this day means to them:

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Undocumented Youth Describe What Deferred Action Means To Them - Curation from

Arizona’s Jan Brewer denies driver’s licenses to deferred action recipients


Gov. Jan Brewer and President Obama have a history of sparring over immigration.


Young undocumented immigrants in Arizona who are accepted into President Obama’s deferred action program shouldn’t celebrate quite yet.

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Aug 8

DREAM Activist: I Infiltrated Florida Facility to Expose How U.S. Still Detaining Youth Immigrants


No Papers, No Fears

No Papers, No Fears

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Undocumented immigrants look for love